Cobalt Bikes FAQs

How do I order a custom bike?

You can order frame packages and complete bikes on our Shop page. For a specific custom build, contact me at and we’ll provide you a build sheet.  

How long does it take to get my custom bike built and delivered?

Depending on manufacturer stock levels, it usually takes 3-4 weeks to order your custom components and assemble/ship your bike. Custom paint orders may take longer. 

Is shipping included?

Yes, we ship bikes for free anywhere in the U.S. via BikeFlights

What if I want my local mechanic to assemble my custom bike ?

We can ship unassembled bikes and deduct $100 off your bike price.

Do you offer other colors?

While black matte is the Cobalt Bikes baseline color, we do offer different paint schemes or a customized look for your ride. Contact me for details 

Whats the difference between the Warhawk Gravel and the  Marauder CX?

The tire clearance on the Warhawk goes up to a 700-50 (29x1.9) with plenty of space or 650Bx2. MTB tire. The Marauder can take a 700x40 tire with good mud clearance. 

Both are great bikes, but some of your decision depends on what kind of riding you plan to do. If you want a gravel bike that can swing both ways- toward CX if you need it or towards bikepacking, the Warhawk is very versatile. Swap out wheels to 650Bs with 2.1” and you have a drop bar MTB.

The Marauder is a CX bike that can do gravel or you could use it for bikepacking. It's a little quicker/more responsive with a shorter wheelbase (1006 Marauder vs 1025 on Warhawk size 54), shorter chain stays (420 vs. 435 on Warhawk). Seat tube and head tube angles are very close. For a size 54 the Marauder is 73 degrees at the seat stay and 72 degrees up front vs 73 degree and 71.5 degrees on the Warhawk.

If you’re looking for a gravel bike, I’d go Warhawk. If you want to add a CX bike for racing that can do gravel and bikepacking, Marauder is your best bet. 

Our commitment to quality: Lifetime warranty

Warranty Information

If you break a Cobalt Bikes frame, wheel set, or other component from crashing, accident, mayhem, driving into your garage, having a gnarly rock put a hole in your down tube, or any type of rider error, we will sell you a brand new Cobalt Bike frame at dealer cost plus shipping. For damaged frames due to manufacturing issues, you would pay shipping charges to send in your frame, we will pay shipping charges sending replacement frame back to you in the USA, or we would split the shipping charges with you if shipping outside the USA. If you are not the original owner of a Cobalt Bikes frame that is damaged, we will honor this warranty for an additional $100 charge. Shipping fees apply for replacing frames and components outside the U.S.